Colorado’s Foster Youth Financial Assistance Program

Advocacy Tips and Resources Colorado’s new Foster Youth Financial Assistance Program provides the cost of attendance (after private, state, and/or federal financial assistance) at institutions of higher education (including technical […]

Gifts to clients in limited circumstances

Colorado Supreme Court permits some attorneys to give gifts to clients in limited circumstances The Colorado Supreme Court recently amended Colorado Rule of Professional Conduct 1.8 to authorize a lawyer […]

New Volume 7 Regulations

New Volume 7 Regulations provide important definitions related to institutional abuse or neglect and require custodial counties to provide GALs notice of assessments. Volume 7 Regulations effective July 1, 2022: […]

People in Interest of T.W., 2022 COA 88

In this case, a division of the Colorado Court of Appeals held that, while a juvenile court has continuing subject matter jurisdiction in a dependency and neglect case after the […]

People in Interest of S.A., 2022 CO 27.

On June 13, 2022, the Colorado Supreme Court issued an opinion in this Rule 21 case. The question in this case involved whether a juvenile court had jurisdiction to enter […]

People in Interest of M.W., 22 COA 72

In this case, the Court of Appeals held that a parent may appeal the content of the initial dispositional order, including the provisions of the treatment plan, simultaneously with an […]

Petition of J.N., 2022 COA 69

In this case, a father moved to vacate various juvenile court orders under C.R.C.P. 60(b)(3), specifically an order granting APR to the child’s stepfather entered in 2007, based upon improper […]

People in Interest of E.A.M., 2022 CO 42

In this case, the child’s mother stated at the first hearing that she possibly had Sioux and Apache heritage, but she denied being enrolled in either tribe. She also stated […]

People in Interest of A.P., 2022 CO 24

On June 6, 2022, the Colorado Supreme Court issued an opinion in this original proceeding (Rule 21). The issue before the Supreme Court in this case was whether the district […]