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Justice, opportunity, and healthy families for all court-involved children and youth.

WhatWe Do

OCR is an independent state agency within the judicial branch charged with providing competent and effective legal representation to children and youth involved in judicial proceedings in Colorado. OCR establishes attorney practice standards and provides litigation support, accessible high-quality statewide training, and oversight of the practice.

For Youth

Find resources for youth including the Foster Youth in Transition Program, how to tell OCR about your experiences, and much more. Remember that your attorney guardian ad litem (GAL) or Counsel for Youth (CFY) can also help you!

For Attorneys

Find resources for attorneys including contractor and staff contact information, the GRID book, the Litigation Toolkit, and an FAQ to help navigate all of OCR’s attorney supports. Get details about billing and submitting change requests.



Our schedule can be found on our Upcoming Training page, and be sure to visit our archive of online training videos. Subscribe to OCR’s Training Tuesdays email bulletins for our latest training news!

Become an OCR Attorney

OCR attorneys represent children and youth in dependency & neglect, foster youth in transition, delinquency, domestic, truancy, mental health, and other matters. Learn more about current opportunities to join our team.

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Our GAL was always friendly, respectful, and good about getting back to me. They were very professional and treated my family with dignity. A Parent
The way my GAL spoke to me felt like it was person-to-person, not client-to-attorney... They are actually an inspiration to me. A Youth
Our GAL takes things as they are and then does what they believe is best for the child, keeping their needs at the forefront. A Caregiver

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