Case Consultants

OCR offers attorneys the option to work or consult with a Case Consultant (CC) who contracts directly with OCR on an as-needed basis. CCs are professionals who work with the attorney as part of the child’s legal team to contribute expertise and experience in social work, counseling, child development, education, and other fields. Their expertise enhances the attorney’s independent investigation and legal positions. Use of CCs can expedite time to permanency and case resolution, increase reunification, improve preservation of family connections, and increase adoption. The ABA, the DHHS Children’s Bureau, and NACC recognize the importance of an interdisciplinary team approach.

Frequently AskedQuestions

OCR engages in an interview, background check, and reference review process to determine contracts.

Consider case consultants when your case presents issues such as the following: mental health, medically fragile, family offenses, sex offenses, drug abuse, truancy, domestic violence, trafficking, and difficult-to-engage clients.  Instructions to request a CC for one of your appointments can be found within the Help menu of CARES.

The activities of CCs who are members of the attorney’s office in CARES are included on the office’s invoice like any other member of that office.


CCs who contract directly with OCR invoice independently in CARES, meaning OCR pays its contract case consultants directly and attorneys will not see those activities on their office’s invoices. When one of OCR’s contract CCs is assigned to one of your appointments, OCR may seek your input in reviewing the reasonableness of their billing. OCR is responsible for OCR-contracted CCs’ 1099 and other tax documentation.

No. Most CCs work on D&N and JD cases but they are available for other case types as well.

Yes. The hope is OCR will have additional CCs to be available throughout Colorado, but until then there will be a limit to how far CCs can travel. That does not prevent lawyers in other parts of Colorado requesting a CC, who is closer to their child's/youth's placement, be assigned to a case.


If in-person contact is not necessary, CCs who are not geographically close can still help with reviewing records and evaluating resources to inform the lawyer's advocacy.

From the left-side menu while logged into CARES, Managing Attorneys can click User Settings > My Office and find the Add Staff button in the upper right of the screen to make the request any time.


Please note, this is to request that a CC of your choice gains full access to your Office in CARES just like a paralegal or other staff; their billing will be part of your invoices unlike the OCR-direct-contract CCs above. We recommend reviewing Staff/Managing CCs in OCR’s Billing Policies and Procedures.

Resources For YourLegal Team

Resources and information about how Case Consultants can bolster your legal team and advocacy.

Case Consultants'Toolkit

Logistical supports for your practice as a Case Consultant.

    Case Consultants

    Meet OCR’s current team of contract case consultants. Case Consultants are not limited to working only in their home counties.