New Volume 7 Regulations

New Volume 7 Regulations provide important definitions related to institutional abuse or neglect and require custodial counties to provide GALs notice of assessments.

Volume 7 Regulations effective July 1, 2022:

  • define “Institutional Abuse or Neglect” as incidents of child abuse or neglect as defined in Colorado Revised Statutes 19-1-103(1) and 19-3-102(1) regarding children aged less than 18 or youth aged less than 21 who are under court jurisdiction where the incident of child abuse or neglect occurs in a child care facility or 24-hour facility, a facility subject to Colorado’s Child Care Licensing Act, a non-certified kinship care home with providers who provide 24-hour care for children with an open child welfare case who are in the legal custody of a county department, or a facility or community placement for juveniles committed to the custody of the department of human services;
  • define “Institutional Lack of Supervision” as occurring “when a provider fails, through an action or omission, to provide supervision or to make supervision decisions that align with the behavioral, developmental and/or physical needs of the child(ren) or youth”; and
  • require custodial counties to provide GALs with notice of assessments of allegations of abuse and/or neglect in out-of-home care.

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