What We Do

OCR is an independent state agency within the judicial branch charged with providing competent and effective legal representation to children and youth involved in judicial proceedings in Colorado. OCR establishes attorney practice standards and provides litigation support, accessible high-quality statewide training, and oversight of the practice.

Chief Justice Directive (CJD)

The Chief Justice is the executive head of the Colorado Judicial Branch and is the leader in its administration. The Chief Justice is elected by the Colorado Supreme Court Justices and serves at the pleasure of the Colorado Supreme Court (Court). In addition to administrative responsibility for the entire court system, the Chief Justice presides over all conferences, oral arguments, and hearings of the Court; assigns all opinions for authorship; and designates in consultation with the Court which Justice or Justices shall serve as liaison to the various committees and special committees of the Court.

The Chief Justice has authority, in consultation with the full Court, to issue Chief Justice Directives pertaining to matters of judicial administration. As part of the responsibility as the executive head of the judicial branch, the Chief Justice presides over quarterly meetings with the Chief Judges of all judicial districts across the state to discuss matters concerning the administration of justice.


OCR attorneys are well-trained, skilled litigators who have specialized knowledge of child welfare and juvenile law. OCR attorneys are predominantly solo practitioners or small-business owners who contract with OCR.


Multidisciplinary Representation

Multidisciplinary law practice is a nationally recognized best practice to deal with the increasing complexities in child welfare cases by adding the knowledge and expertise of a social work professional to enhance attorney services.  OCR social work professionals are called Case Consultants.

Case Types

OCR attorneys’ responsibilities are dependent upon the case type in which the attorney is appointed or assigned and the role the attorney serves in that case. OCR trains all its attorneys on the law, social science research, child development, mental health and education issues, and best practices relating to issues impacting youth involved in court proceedings. Please note that Chief Justice Directive (CJD) 04-06 governs all appointments made through OCR and contains detailed legal information about OCR case types.