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Town Hall: Forensic Toxicology

OCR Attorneys and Contractors Only: We welcome Colene Robinson and Dr. Sulik, a frequent expert witness in forensic toxicology with a PhD in analytical chemistry. Dr. Sulik will walk us through what UA results show about active, and inactive, THC. Have you ever wondered whether a UA can show whether a parent has used recently? Whether a parent who tests “off the charts” with a high THC level must therefore be impaired? What is the value of confirmation testing to detect marijuana? These questions and more will be addressed. This town hall will not be recorded.

In response to the pandemic, OCR began hosting statewide “OCR Support & Strategies” or “town hall” Zoom meetings for OCR attorneys and contractors in March 2020. These Zoom meetings continue to take place every other Wednesday and any OCR attorney or contractor is welcome to attend! The Zoom meeting invite is available on the OCR Listserv; write to michellejensen@coloradochildrep.org if you need help finding the link.

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