The OCR submitted the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Request on October 31, 2014.  The request includes quotes from young people, parents, and caregivers about their OCR attorneys.  These quotes highlight the difficulty of child welfare law and the value that GALs bring to ensuring that Colorado’s children have their needs met.

In this year’s budget request, OCR reported that a full 95% of the OCR’s budget is spent directly on attorney services. Cases involving children who have been subjected to serious abuse and neglect have historically comprised more than 80% of the OCR’s attorney expenditures. In FY 2012-13 and FY 2013-14, the OCR experienced a significant increase in the number of attorney hours required to advocate for children in these most difficult cases. The complexity of the issues these families present to the courts and the lack of appropriate resources available to serve them have required the GAL to spend more time to ensure that each child’s needs are met. Additionally, in FY 2013-14, the OCR experienced a 16% increase in delinquency appointments and a 23% increase in truancy appointments.

To read the FY16 Budget Request, please click on the link below.

OCR FY16 Budget Request