The OCR submitted the Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Request on November 1, 2013 and for the first time since 2008, the OCR is requesting an hourly rate increase for OCR attorneys from $65 per hour to $75 per hour as well as an increase for the paralegal/social worker rate from $25 per hour to $30 per hour.  The request includes quotes from young people, parents, and caregivers about their GAL as well as, with the permission of individual attorneys, actual case stories obtained during the OCR’s FY 2013-2014 attorney evaluation and contracting process.  These quotes and stories highlight the difficulty of child welfare law and the value that GALs bring to ensuring that Colorado’s children have their needs met.

In addition, the OCR has requested additional funding for a caseload/workload increase, as we have seen the overall number of hours spent on cases increase. The OCR is also requesting an increase in salaries for our attorneys in the El Paso County GAL Office, as their salaries are significantly misaligned with other government attorneys in the public sector market.

To read the FY15 Budget Request, please click on the link below.

OCR FY15 Budget Request