Juvenile Delinquency Updates

Competency to Proceed – Updates and Request for Information

As you are aware, the law related to a child’s competency to stand trial in a delinquency case changed drastically with the Supreme Court’s decision in A.C. There is also a draft competency bill that is likely to be put forward this legislative session that codifies the reassessments contemplated in A.C. and would limit how long restoration services can go on before a delinquency case must be dismissed. As OCR prepares for the legislative session, we would like to know if you have noticed any changes to how courts, competency experts, restoration providers, or prosecutors are handling competency issues since A.C. was announced. Please reach out to OCR’s Youth Justice Attorney, Katie Hecker (khecker@coloradochildrep.org) with any and all competency-related information from the front lines.

Youth Justice Listening Sessions

Delinquency, direct file, and truancy cases continue to present unique challenges to GAL practice statewide. In an effort to best support your work in these case types, OCR’s Youth Justice Attorney is holding jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction listening sessions to learn more about the local issues you are facing and to strategize around solutions and support from OCR. Keep an eye on your email for information about your jurisdiction’s meeting time and location. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you!

Questions? Want to staff a JD, CR or truancy case outside of these listening sessions? Contact OCR’s Youth Justice Attorney, Katie Hecker (khecker@coloradochildrep.org)