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FFPSA: Litigation & Advocacy Strategies for GALs


With FFPSA implementation on October 1, 2021, this training will cover litigation and advocacy strategies specific to the role of the GAL:

  • Strategies at each stage of the case
  • CANS assessment considerations
  • Placement advocacy
  • Opportunities for prevention services and how to access services
  • Implications for juvenile delinquency cases
  • Effective use of case consultants

Please note: This training is specific to GAL practice and is in addition to the 3-part series offered in September as a collaborative training with CIP and the ABA. If you are attending the 3-part FFPSA training hosted by CIP and the ABA on Sept 1st, Sept 15th, and Sept 29th, you are receiving an overview of legal considerations for all legal professionals. The purpose of this September 30th FFPSA training hosted by the OCR is to provide a more nuanced and in-depth training specific to GAL practice. This September 30th training is not duplicative of the CIP/ABA training series and instead aims to offer a deeper dive into practice issues and considerations for GALs as FFPSA is fully implemented.

If you have any questions about training content, please contact MichelleJensen@coloradochildrep.org. This training will be recorded.


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