Case Consultant Training: Placement Advocacy


In an attempt to help with the targeted use of CCs and in response to the roll out of FFPSA, OCR has created a guide to help with placement advocacy and has trained OCR case consultants on the use of the guide. This training examines the Placement Advocacy Guide and discusses its purpose and how the guide can be used in advocacy efforts. The overall goal of the Placement Advocacy Guide is to offer a comprehensive and consistent approach to advocacy and investigation, ideally resulting in fewer out-of-home and residential facility placements.

This training was specific to CCs and they are now available to work with GALs on any case where a youth is at risk of residential placement, using the guide and providing a report and recommendations to inform GAL advocacy. We encourage GALs to request a CC when a youth is at risk for residential placement.

CLE was not provided for this training

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Case Consultant Training: Placement Advocacy