People in Interest of S.Z.S., 2022 COA 133

On November 17, 2022, a division of the Colorado Court of Appeals addressed the mother’s challenge to a decision terminating her parental rights based upon the Americans with Disabilities Act […]

People in Interest of E.B., 2022 COA 120

On October 12, 2022, a division of the Colorado Court of Appeals held that an order denying a relative’s request for guardianship and custody of a child is not a […]

People v. Dennel, 2022 COA 115

The Court of Appeals determined that the Children’s Code “transfer” statute (19-2.5-802) does not require a showing that a 14- or 15-year old has been previously adjudicated of a felony […]

In re People in Interest of A.C., 517 P.3d 1228

The Supreme Court concludes that a juvenile court has the authority pursuant to C.R.S. §19-2.5-706(2) to order a reassessment evaluation after determining that a juvenile remains incompetent during a review […]

People in Interest of C.C., 2022 COA 81

In this case, the mother appealed the judgment adjudicating her children dependent and neglected after a bench trial. At mother’s request, the court had scheduled a two-day jury trial in […]