People in Interest of O.S-H., 2021 COA 130

In this appeal of an adjudication, the Court of Appeals held that a paternity adjudication within a dependency and neglect proceeding constitutes a child custody proceeding under the Indian Child […]

People in Interest of N.D.O., 2021 COA 100

The Court of Appeals holds that complicitor liability can support a crime of violence finding. Several teenagers stole a car and committed armed robberies at four gas stations; N.D.O was […]

People in Interest of K.S-E., 2019 COA 93

In this appeal of a direct contempt order against a respondent parent, the Court of Appeals considers the lawfulness of a court order implicating a parent’s Fifth Amendment rights. At […]

People in Interest of J.M.M., 2021 COA 88

The Court of Appeals interprets §§ 16-22-103(4) and 16-22-113(1)(e), provisions of the Colorado Sex Offender Registration Act, to determine whether they allow a person who successfully completed a sentence or […]

People in Interest of D.M.F.D., 2021 COA 95

In this appeal of an adjudication hearing, the Court of Appeals holds that the juvenile court improperly based its determination that the child was dependent and neglected on hearsay and […]

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