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Foster Youth Transition Program: Practical Implications & Effective Advocacy


*This training is open to OCR contractors only.

This training will address a variety of practical implications, new processes and procedures, and practice tips for GALs for the Foster Youth Transition Program (also referred to as HB 1094).

We strongly encourage you to view the OCR Annual Conference session video  first in order to come to this training with all background information. The video can be found here: https://coloradochildrep.org/ocr-annual-conference-2021/. This training is in follow up to the conference session. 

While the conference video is an overview of this new program and legal requirements, this training will add to that content by discussing more specific strategies, processes, procedures and documents that have been created for GALs. Viewing the conference video first will be highly beneficial and will answer most of your initial practice questions. This training is in follow up to the conference session.

If you have any questions about training content, please contact MichelleJensen@coloradochildrep.org. This training will be recorded.


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