Case Consultant Toolkit

This page provides a quick reference to tools for OCR-contracted Case Consultants. You can search for a keyword on this page by typing Ctrl and F at the same time (Windows) or Command and F (Mac), then type the keyword in the find field and click the arrows to view the keyword throughout this page.

Each case consultant should regularly monitor OCR’s Assignment List for potential cases, request case assignments, bill in CARES, and notify OCR at the end of each assignment. The diagram below illustrates this workflow (click to enlarge it), and the alphabetical table following the diagram provides links to the Assignment List, CARES, the End of Assignment form, and all the other necessary tools.

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CC Tools & Info

Topics Links to Tools & Info
Assignment List Regularly review the live-updating list of current cases for which OCR attorneys have requested a CC on OCR’s CC Assignment List. Log in to that page with the same password you used to access this page, and read the instructions above the case list for reminders about how to use the list. Log out after your review.
CJD 04-06 Chief Justice Directive (CJD) 04-06 governs appointments made through the Office of the Child’s Representative.
Contact Info for GALs, CLRs, and OCR Staff Attorneys Find contact information for GALs, CLRs, Litigation Support, and Staff Attorneys on the main Attorney Center page. Notify of changes to your own contact info.
End of Assignment Whenever one of your case assignments ends, please notify OCR by completing an End of Assignment Form. This will notify the CC Coordinator to officially close this assignment.
GRID Book Learn about the GRID, download and print a PDF, or request a hard copy on OCR’s GRID page.
Listserv and Archives This 1-page guide explains how to use the OCR listserv and its searchable archives.
Litigation Toolkit OCR’s Litigation Toolkit includes sample motions, orders, electronic resources, and other documents for contractors to download on demand. For more information on the Litigation Toolkit, click here.
Trainings OCR’s training pages give you access to free training video archives, an upcoming training calendar, and OCR’s Training Tuesdays email bulletin for notifications of upcoming training.
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