OCR’s Support Staff Policies

Click on one of the documents below to consult OCR’s official policy on that topic.

 OCR Associates Policy – OCR’s official rules regarding attorney associates.

 OCR Case Consultants Policy – OCR’s official rules regarding Case Consultants (CCs).

Relevant Supports

Visit “User Settings > My Office” in CARES to see all the CARES users in your office, whether they’re “active” (i.e. able to log in), and each “Persona” (i.e. user type, like Case Consultant). Refer to the “My Office” screen regularly to confirm your office’s CARES users are up to date. Click here to learn more.

Click here to request and certify support staff per the policies above.

Review the OCR’s Billing Policies and Procedures for support staff billing information.

Click here if you need to terminate CARES access for member(s) of your office.