Directory of OCR Information and Supports for Contractors

Most of the items on the right below are clickable links that take you to that resource. This page provides a quick reference to many OCR contractor supports. You can search for a keyword on this page by typing Ctrl and F at the same time (Windows) or Command and F (Mac), then type the keyword in the find field and click the arrows to view the keyword throughout this page.

Topics Links to Resources & Info
Case Consultants
  • CC Center: Learn how to request an OCR-contracted Case Consultant on one of your appointments.
  • See also Billing above. OCR’s billing policies include policies regarding CC staff in your office.
Case Law Archive OCR’s Case Law Archive contains case law updates from the Colorado Supreme Court and Colorado Courts of Appeal.
Change Requests
CJD 04-06 Chief Justice Directive (CJD) 04-06 governs appointments made through the Office of the Child’s Representative.
Colorado Courts Data Access After reviewing the presentation and executing the user agreement that came with your OCR welcome materials via DocuSign, attorney contractors may visit Choose “Request Government Account” at this link and “Government Agency Account.” Follow the instructions. Our agency name is Office of the Child’s Representative (you cannot use the same account for multiple agencies). The data access administrators will verify your request with OCR. After you have an account, direct questions to
Contact Info for GALs, CLRs, and OCR Staff Attorneys Find contact information for GALs, CLRs, Litigation Support, and Staff Attorneys by clicking on the map on the main Attorney Center page. (Change your own info through the Change Request Form and update your court appointment notification emails by writing to Non-contractors please notify of changes.)
Contract Renewal and Verifications OCR’s applications page includes information about yearly “verifications” and contract renewal for current OCR attorneys.
Court Badge OCR can provide you with a photo ID badge to grant expedited access to courts in some (but not all) judicial districts. This may also facilitate entry into schools and other locations. Contact to request a badge from OCR. Include a photo if you want the badge mailed to you; otherwise you can visit Denver to take a photo and pick up your badge.
Covid Resources OCR’s Covid-19 Resources Page is the hub for OCR’s resources during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion OCR’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Page includes resources collected as part of OCR’s DEI initiative.
GRID Book Learn about the GRID, download and print a PDF, or request a hard copy on OCR’s GRID page.
Listserv and Archives This 1-page guide explains how to use the OCR listserv and its searchable archives.
Litigation Toolkit OCR’s Litigation Toolkit includes sample motions, orders, electronic resources, and other documents for contractors to download on demand. For more information on the Litigation Toolkit, click here.
Trainings OCR’s training pages give you access to free training video archives, an upcoming training calendar, and OCR’s Training Tuesdays email bulletin for notifications of upcoming training.
Westlaw Access For free Westlaw (OCR contractors only), whether or not you have attended an optional training, execute an OCR Westlaw User Agreement at Complete all fields on both pages, including signature; enter a legible email address on Pg. 2 unique to you (meaning an email address that is not shared with another User); and be careful not inadvertently delete the OCR Subscriber information on Pg. 2. Upload your completed User Agreement at After Westlaw accepts and processes your form, you will receive a registration key at the email address you provided on the User Agreement. Click Register in that email to start using Westlaw.
Youth Center The OCR Youth Center includes information about OCR’s Lived Experts Action Panel (LEAP) as well as many resources for youth and stakeholders working with youth.

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