OCR’s Billing and Payment Procedures

The Colorado Attorney Reimbursement Electronic System (CARES) is the OCR’s billing and case management system for all OCR contract attorneys. If you are an OCR contract attorney, you can access CARES by clicking the logo to the right.

 Billing Policies and Procedures – OCR’s official rules and guidelines regarding billing and invoicing procedures for OCR contract attorneys and support staff.

 CARES Help Center – How to use the CARES web application. (You can also access the Help Center directly from CARES by clicking “Help” in the left-side menu.)

Request to Add CARES User(s) – OCR contract attorneys can certify staff to bill in CARES using this form.

Add CARES Placement or School – CARES users can request to add a new placement or school to CARES using this form (if it is not already listed in the system).

Deactivate CARES User(s) – OCR contractors can deactivate staff access to CARES using this form.

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OCR transitioned to a new CARES system on April 2nd, 2018. Find more information at https://www.coloradochildrep.org/attorney-center/cares-upgrade/.

Previous CARES System (read-only) – Click here to access the old CARES system for reference; it is now read-only, meaning anything you change in the old system will no longer be saved after 24 hours.

 Coming Soon: CARES Changelog – Click here to review a log of changes and enhancements to the new CARES systems.

Please direct all billing matters to:

Brandy Lombardi: brandylombardi@coloradochildrep.org
Phone number: (303) 860-1517 x100

Please direct specific questions regarding miscellaneous expenses to:

Katie Irwin:                            katieirwin@coloradochildrep.org
Phone number: (303) 860-1517 x104

Mailing address:

Office of the Child’s Representative
Ralph L. Carr Judicial Center
1300 Broadway, Ste 320
Denver, CO 80203

Office Contact Info

(303) 860-1517  Office
(303) 860-1735  Fax
Email: info@coloradochildrep.org