What We Do

The Office of Child’s Representative (OCR) gives voice to Colorado’s children by providing effective legal representation and advocacy on behalf of children in Colorado’s Court System.

OCR is the state agency mandated to provide competent and effective best interests legal representation to children involved in the Colorado court system. OCR was created by the General Assembly in 2000 to improve representation for Colorado’s most vulnerable children by establishing minimum practice standards and providing litigation support, accessible high-quality statewide training, and oversight of the practice. The OCR oversees attorneys that provide legal representation as guardians ad litem (GAL), counsel for children in dependency and neglect proceedings, and child legal representatives (CLR).

Case Types

OCR attorneys’ responsibilities are dependent upon the case type in which the attorney is appointed and the role the attorney serves in that case. OCR trains all of its attorneys on the law, social science research, child development, mental health and education issues, and best practices relating to issues impacting children involved in court proceedings. Specific case types include:

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The Office of the Child’s Representative (OCR) was created under H.B. 00-1371 in the 58th General Assembly legislative session. The purpose of the statute authorizing the OCR, Colorado Revised Statute C.R.S. § 13-91-101 et seq, is to empower Colorado’s most vulnerable children with uniform, high-quality counsel.

In July 2001, the OCR became responsible for enhancing the legal representation of children, establishing fair and realistic rates of compensation for attorney services, setting minimum practice and training standards, and working collaboratively with the state CASA to develop local CASA programs in each Judicial District. In 2010, the General Assembly made the OCR a permanent state agency.

Mission: OCR gives children and youth a voice in Colorado legal proceedings through high-quality legal representation that protects and promotes their safety, interests, and rights.

Vision: Justice, opportunity, and healthy families for all court-involved children and youth.


  • Accountability: Colorado’s children, attorneys, families, and communities can count on OCR to ensure that each decision we make and action we take advances our mission in a fair, equitable, inclusive, and transparent manner.
  • Efficiency: OCR strives to accomplish its mission and conserve resources by streamlining efforts, adhering to deadlines, resolving conflict constructively, and honoring well-defined projects, processes, and roles. We balance our drive to achieve with thoughtful planning and implementation.
  • Empowerment: OCR cultivates an environment of respect, honesty, and equity. We value the diverse experiences and expertise of the children we serve, our attorneys, and our staff. We invest time to reflect and connect, focus on strengths, value feedback, and recognize success. We stand for justice and support each other in our mission to empower children.